Cell C’s 99c tariff will be extended to an additional 27 countries from Sunday 1 July, bringing the total number of countries to which Cell C customers can make calls at 99c per minute on per second billing at anytime, to 34 countries.

Some of these tariffs to additional countries will be on a promotional basis, but are expected to become permanent by the end of July, once approved by ICASA.

“Whether it is prepaid, postpaid or international call rates, our overall pricing strategy is to simplify tariffs and offer very affordable rates.  In order to achieve that, flat rates on a per second basis for voice are key and we are tackling all of our price plans across the board to ensure simplicity, affordability and complete transparency for our customers,” says Cell C CEO Alan Knott-Craig.

Earlier this month and due to a demand following its international call rate promotion to China, India, Pakistan, the UK and US, Cell C converted the promotional 99c per minute rate to a permanent tariff to these countries as well as Australia and Hong Kong.

Effective Sunday (1 July), this rate will include calls made to Angola, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Italy, Kenya, Malawi, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Portugal, Sweden and Thailand.

Knott-Craig says the revised call rates will be set as default rates for Cell C prepaid, hybrid and postpaid customers.  It is important to note that these are not VoIP calls, but pure circuit-switched calls ensuring the best quality possible.

“We will continue to negotiate with our international partners to ensure we are able to offer the best possible rates to our customers.”