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Telkom improves online fault reporting tool

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Telkom has improved the visibility and ease of use of its online fault reporting tool following feedback from its customers. Previously, customers searching the Telkom Web site for the online fault reporting tool may have found it difficult to access. That is unlikely to happen now that the tool has been made more visible and much easier to use.
Customers visiting the landing page of the company’s Web site will notice that the “report a fault” section stands out clearly and conspicuously under “support”, which is located on the right-hand side of the landing page.
By clicking on “report a fault”, users will be directed through to the fault-reporting screen, where the first step to take is clearly highlighted in green.
After taking that first step, which entails an entry of the customer’s Telkom line number, customers can navigate quickly and easily through the second, third and fourth steps until finally, an automatic confirmation is received that the fault has been reported.
The improved fault reporting tool is an important step towards offering customers the best possible service experience.
  • fedup

    What does all this fancy technology help when the blooming illiterate idiot on the other side can not read . . . please try using pictures