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Always a step or two ahead of the South African IP scene, OpenWeb has just launched its latest revolutionary product called Business Unshaped ADSL. With packages starting at R169.00 per month, OpenWeb clients can now enjoy a service that is 45% cheaper than any other static IP available on the market today.
OpenWeb CEO Keoma Wright says this uncapped service has been developed to suit business and home requirements that do not need the vastness of uncapped Internet, but still call for the stability of static IPs. “The unshaped service is most suitable for those that enjoy activities such as Skype, online trading and online gaming.”
The Internet connection will be run on OpenWeb’s Platinum Class ADSL network, making it fast, reliable and suitable for Internet surfing at home or at business premises.
The connection is also linked to SAT3 and Seacom lines, making access to international data simpler and faster. Business Unshaped even allows OpenWeb clients to host their own servers.
“Traditionally, static IP ADSL solutions were only available to corporate with big budgets. OpenWeb has broken the mould,” says Wright. “Clients can look forward to completely unshaped Internet speed, five free static IPs and a reasonable once-off set up cost of just R999.00.”