Telkom has filed a 2012 annual tariff adjustment below the Consumer Price Index inflation rate, with an increase of 1,2% on overall basic voice and data services.

The adjustments, which will come into effect on 1 August 2012, apply to Telkom’s tariffs for line rentals, outgoing calls, DSL and data connectivity services.

“Telkom is committed to delivering value as we endeavour to contain the adjustments to a minimum. To this end, the adjustments are significantly less than inflation which is currently at 5,7%,” says Manelisa Mavuso, Telkom’s MD: consumer services and retail.

Mavuso points to a decrease in fixed to mobile call tariffs. “The new per minute tariffs for will be reduced by 3,6% to R1.35 for peak time and R1.08 for off-peak calls.

Although international calls will not increase overall, tariffs to certain destinations will increase others will decrease.  Some destinations for example the UK and the US will remain unchanged.

PrepaidFone local calls increase by 5% but long distance calls remain unchanged. Line rental for PrepaidFone will increase by 6%. Postpaid residential and business line rental increase by 6%.  Installation charges increase by 6% including Postpaid, PrepaidFone ISDN and DSL services.

On Telkom’s Closer product range the monthly subscription for Closer 1 will increase to R167.00, Closer 2 will increase to R185.00 and Closer 3 will increase to R341.00.

Mavuso says adjustments to data connectivity products were also kept to a minimum with an overall increase of only 1%.

The monthly rental fees on Telkom’s Do Broadband bundles remain unchanged. Monthly rental fees on the DSL offers will increase as follows: Fast DSL will increase to R165.00; Faster DSL will increase to R299.00 and Fastest DSL will increase to R425.00.

“As competition in the industry heats up, Telkom continues to compete and ultimately promote affordable telecommunications access,” says Mavuso.