Today’s competitive marketplace is an environment that demands deep understanding of customers and their buying behaviour. However, technology advancements mean that companies have easy access to powerful mobile tools  enabling them to analyse these customer trends proactively.
“Mobility with full Web-based, anytime, anywhere tablet or other device computing and realtime synchronisation with MS Exchange giving 24 hour access to up-to-date communications, calendar and contacts regardless of device or location, is a major advantage in customer relationship management,” says Gustav du Plessis of CRM corporate sales at Sage premier software solutions provider, Lorge.
The Sage CRM Wireless Mobile solution allows users to work online using a multitude of browsers on any device. The system can be accessed using iPhone, BlackBerry, wireless PDA and Windows CE devices and has been optimised for the iPhone.
“Users can work smarter and be productive on the move,” says Du Plessis. He points to hospitality, conference and social event management as some of the industries where Sage CRM software and mobile device technology can be deployed to store customer information, including contact details, food and drink preferences, spending patterns, payment history and other details.
Telephone enquiries can also be directly logged manually into the tablet or other device and Web access deployment of the system is rapid. Another advantage is that all information is stored in one place and not scattered within several workstations. The system also provides users with task reminders.
The Sage CRM solution delivers up-to-date information whenever users need it thanks to seamless bi-directional updates of tasks, appointments and contacts. It enables users to access up-to-date communications within Sage CRM and easily manages contacts and calendars, regardless of their location. E-mails can be manually filed and contacts added to Sage CRM quickly and easily.
“Social media such as Twitter and Linked-In enable contact information to be kept up-to-date. Individuals moving  to other companies can be tracked and can provide new sales leads. The Sage CRM software can be used as a standalone system or be fully integrated into Sage ERP Accpac.”
Mobile CRM also improves internal business processes with tighter management of new and existing customer relationships, resulting in increased revenues and greater efficiency by providing management with timely and reliable insight to support correct business decision-making.
By providing sales, marketing and customer service activities online companies can ensure their sales, marketing and customer services resources are deployed to maximum effect while reducing cost of sales and acquisition of marketing leads.
“Administration costs are minimised, customer service level agreements are met and revenues are increased and protected while investments are aligned to revenue development. An important factor is that the software enables underlying business issues to be pinpointed and corrective action to be take timeously.”
The Sage CRM system supports existing technology investments in MS Exchange by integrating directly with the Exchange server and not mailboxes. Administrators benefit from a single point of entry from where they can manage existing Exchange users and add new users for easy administration.
Du Plessis adds that Sage CRM delivers a seamless MS Outlook integration experience through server to server integration, allowing staff to use any mobile device to keep on top of e-mails and meetings, the end result being greater productivity from staff on the road.