Securicom, a trusted provider of managed IT security services in South Africa, has boosted its robust e-mail archiving and business continuity solution, MailVault, with an innovative plug-in which integrates with corporate e-mail clients and allows users to continue accessing and working with e-mails, using their usual e-mail interface, even when the server is down.
The plug-in is designed to enhance users’ experience with MailVault which has a host of special features and enhanced capabilities for storing, accessing and retrieving all incoming and outgoing e-mails, as well as internal messages on demand.
MailVault plug-in is designed to look and feel exactly like the e-mail system users are accustomed to using. Working from their inbox and then shifting to MailVault Continuity in the event of a server failure is seamless. Users will feel as though they are working within and from their normal e-mail client such as Outlook.
“The back up and archiving of e-mails happens in realtime and all data is stored in local data centres. Everything that arrives in the inbox is instantaneously stored in the archives so users have up to date access to all new e-mails when they are not connected to the e-mail server and are working on e-mails via MailVault.
“Similarly, when they want to search for e-mails in the archives, the shift is unnoticeable. It all looks and works the way it does from their normal inbox. The only difference is that they are able to search for and retrieve e-mails that have been long gone from their inbox,” explains Securicom’s operations director, Dries Morris.
The new plug-in offers users a second and convenient way to access current e-mails as well as archived messages. Users can also access e-mails via secure, user-friendly Web interface using any Internet-enabled device. Company administrators have a dedicated Web-based console from where they can monitor usage and manage the system.
Securicom MailVault is more than just an archiving solution. It ensures business continuity in the event of an e-mail system failure by providing continuous and anytime access to e-mails.
Aside from ensuring “always on” access to e-mails, MailVault provides a complete and reliable realtime backup of all electronic communication in a central archive that is equal to housing a fully-redundant system, but without the high cost.
The solution has advanced search capabilities to make it quick and easy to find required information contained in e-mail communication. It is fully hosted in the cloud by Securicom at a secure data centre and delivered as a managed service.
Morris says that given the high reliance on e-mail for conducting business, the MailVault plug-in is an invaluable tool for supporting business continuity and productivity.
“Companies and their employees virtually come to a halt when they can’t access or use e-mail. With MailVault plug-in, people can access, send, receive and retrieve their e-mails as long as they have an Internet connection. They don’t have to be connected to the company mail server.
“Our solution provides an economical solution to the challenges of e-mail archiving and retrieval in line with the various requirements imposed on South-African companies; it is flexible, scalable, easy to use and does not have the high exit costs associated with our competitors,” he concludes.