Overall crime decreases during the winter months, says ADT central region MD Roy Rawlins.

“We believe this is due to more people being at home for longer periods during the colder months,” he says.

Rawlins adds that ADT has noticed a decrease in serious crime throughout Johannesburg during the winter months so far and predicts a decrease both year on year (winter 2011 versus winter 2012) as well as summer months 2012 compared to winter months 2012.

“Incidents tend to occur earlier in the evenings, between 17h30 and 19h30, as opposed to summer crimes which tend to take place later. This might be due to families eating later in summer as daylight is extended. The decrease in crime may also be the result of homes being more secure during winter with windows and doors closed and locked throughout the day and night,” he says.

Naturally there are more incidents of fires reported during winter in both open veld areas as well as in people’s homes.

“Residents and business owners need to remain vigilant about their security despite this decrease in crime. Criminals are still active so locking up and putting on alarms remains a priority. Homeowners should also be more cautious of fire hazards in their homes during the dry winter months and ensure that all wiring and electrical appliances are safe and fire-proof,” he says.