The MAGIX Music Maker MX offers a complete package with unlimited possibilities to help users bring their song ideas to life. Previous musical knowledge is not necessary. The dynamic, versatile building-block principle with over 1 500 sounds and mixer with effects makes it possible for anyone to create their own great songs – from rock to alternative, to hip hop, to chill-out, to techno and electro.
Users can make their own recordings or use parts from favourite songs and make their own sounds and complete new songs in no time at all.
The MAGIX Music Maker now supports VST effects and instruments and the user will be able to share their own songs on Facebook in just a few clicks. New to this innovative software is a loop designer which offers a range of possibilities to make creative, customised loops; a lead synthesiser to create jaw dropping good lead sounds; and a drum engine for creating drum sounds.
The MAGIX Music Maker MX Premium simply offers more: 3 500 sounds, more instruments such as century guitars and electric bass, more functions, more tracks – and still the same user friendliness.
It is ideal for everyone who is looking for an easy start, but also for those who are willing to spend time getting to know the product well. The user will appreciate the sophisticated studio functions, complete mastering, real 5.1 Surround mixing, Elastic Audio, Live performance tool and much more – a complete luxury package.
According to the Top Ten Reviews, people have labelled the MAGIX Music Maker MX and Premium as “easy to use”.
“This is by far the best audio editing software we have tested,” says the Verdict. “I’ve found Music Maker to be one of the easiest to use and yet one of the most powerful. The sound quality of the samples is excellent,” says a user from the Micromart UK, issue 1140.
As an extra bonus and a plus for music lovers, users can now get the MX Control package which offers MAGIX Music Maker MX Premium with an added USB MIDI keyboard with 49 dynamic stroke keys and a useful octave switch. The Plug & Play keyboard connects perfectly with the software’s live functions.