Many companies make the mistake of employing a person and then sitting back, content that their work is done, leaving the employee to their own devices, says Anja Hartman-Weitz, an HR director at Softline VIP, a member of the Sage Group.
“Engaging with the employee significantly increases staff retention and has a positive effect on revenue growth and productivity.”
Her top 10 tips for engaging with employees are:
* Instil a sense of accomplishment – everyone wants to feel as if they are making a viable contribution and that they are recognised for it, may it be through remuneration or recognition. One way of doing that is to implement an employee recognition programme that rewards employees for excellent work done.
* Provide the necessary resources – having the necessary resources and equipment will allow staff members to perform their duties as best they can. This could take the form of investing in electronic equipment that is designed to make the work environment more efficient.
* Show care and concern for employees – focus on the “caring” aspect of it by taking an interest in health and general matters such as highlighting breast cancer awareness month, financial tips and advice and recycling, to name a few.
* Employee values – take a long hard look at what employees value in order to identify what drives them and what satisfies them in the work environment.
* Corporate values and culture – embark on initiatives that are aimed at instilling corporate values and culture in employees. The journey to the same destination starts with the alignment of employee and corporate values.
* Communication is key – make sure that every employee is aware of the organisational structure and the role that they play in it.
* Specific job description – providing each employee with a concise job description that highlights what the employer expects from them and how they can achieve success, goes a long way in the management of expectations and accomplishments.
* Management training and development – having a strong management team at the core of the business is crucial. Management must be capable of leading the company on its journey, which forms a crucial part of the company’s success.
* Two-way communication – implement a process that encourages an open channel of communication between management and employees. It can provide invaluable feedback and highlight aspects to focus on.
* On-going process – employee engagement is an on-going process that requires dedication and a steadfast goal to work towards.