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Live event technology company Stage Audio Works, founded by entrepreneur Will Deysel in 2000, has won the Xerox Business Boost in a Box competition.
The competition was launched in November 2011 by Bytes Document Solutions, the authorised Xerox distributor in sub-Saharan Africa and a division of Bytes Technology Group, with the aim of focusing on Xerox’s ability to help companies become ready for real business.
The prize includes a total of R250 000 worth of Xerox and Bytes products and services, as well as the opportunity to be part of the Aurik Business Incubator Acceleration Programme, run by well known entrepreneurial expert and Aurik founder, Pavlo Phitidis.
As part of the competition, qualifying entrants were able to ask Phitidis for help with their most challenging business questions, and receive insightful, practical and real-world advice on growing the business.
What comes in the box will be tailored to Stage Audio Works’ business needs to ensure it makes the biggest possible difference, and takes the business to the next level. The five semi-finalists all won Xerox Phaser printers, a monochrome laser printer that offers excellent productivity and reduces operating costs.
“The Xerox Business Boost in a Box competition attracted over 1 500 entrants and some amazing entrepreneurial talent,” says Rabin Ram, Xerox MD at Bytes Document Solutions.
“A total of 45 entrants were shortlisted and went through a rigorous selection process of which five semi-finalists were chosen. We congratulate Will Deysel as well as the other four semi-finalists for their participation in the competition and exemplifying such great entrepreneurship.”
The competition targeted small and medium businesses, and the winner and semi-finalists were chosen based on their ability to innovate, their resilience, business growth, their entrepreneurial journey, and their passion as entrepreneurs.
“As the winner of the competition, Stage Audio Works met all the winning criteria and will receive support to accelerate the growth of the business, and to build the company into an asset of value,” says Phitidis.
“Aurik defines a business of value as one that can successfully raise funding, or be sold at a premium price should the entrepreneur decide to move on at some point in the lifecycle of the business. As the founder of Stage Audio Works, Will Deysel demonstrated that he has passion with purpose and is a true entrepreneur at heart.”
“The size of the SME market in South Africa warrants attention, and it’s time for big businesses to invest more money in the growth of this sector for the benefit of all our citizens,” says Ram.
“The Xerox Business Boost in a Box campaign is about reaching out to these entrepreneurs and helping worthwhile small businesses to evolve and fulfil their true potential.”