Internet Solutions and ATC South Africa have signed a five-year contract under which Internet Solutions will use ATC South Africa’s towers to expand its delivery of current wireless solutions and position it to offer long term evolution (LTE) or 4G broadband services when those are enabled in South Africa.
The deal obviates the need for Internet Solutions to build its own towers to enable its business growth and gives it the means to leapfrog its clients, which include most of South Africa’s large corporations, to next generation broadband capabilities.
In the short term, the agreement enables Internet Solutions to extend its innovative IS Wi-Band offering beyond large metros to key markets throughout South Africa.
Internet Solutions applied for and was granted by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) bandwidth in the 28GHz spectrum that enables it to provide its clients with licensed wireless point to multipoint connectivity facilities and a cost effective bridge to LTE.
The offering bypasses the current industry impasse around the liberalisation of LTE-capable wireless frequencies in the 2,6GHz and 3,5GHz spectrum to give organisations easily deployed, reliable, fast, secure wireless connectivity – right now.
“The only limitation we had to IS Wi-Band was the number of towers we had access to, most of which were in the major metropolitan areas,” says Internet Solutions Carrier Services executive, Raj Wanniappa.
“We’ve now removed that limitation by gaining access to ATC South Africa’s nationwide network of towers. We can give any organisation close to an ATC  tower immediate access to wireless capability.”
Pieter Nel, CEO of ATC South Africa, the country’s largest independent wireless infrastructure provider and a subsidiary of a global leader in independent wireless infrastructure provision, sees the Internet Solutions deal as strategic for both companies.
“Internet Solutions is not only one of the biggest players but also an innovator in enterprise wireless solutions in South Africa. It is very much the kind of customer we want on our shared sites, because it takes us into the enterprise market and represents a fresh opportunity for ATC South Africa.
“Given the enormous demand we see in South Africa for both coverage and capacity in terms of wireless services, our national footprint gives Internet Solutions an opportunity to expand wireless services to organisations all round the country and we gain a high quality tenant on our sites, ” says Nel.
“It’s a win-win situation for ATC South Africa and Internet Solutions.”
IS Wi-Band is capable of transmitting data volumes up to 20Mbps. Because it operates in a regulated, licensed spectrum, interference is eliminated and quality of service can be guaranteed. The service is fully managed by Internet Solutions and incorporates Internet Solutions’ service level commitment. It is therefore cost-effective and fully future proofed.