RSA, the security division of EMC, has been named the worldwide leader in total revenue among identity and access management vendors, according to the latest IDC Worldwide Identity and Access Management (IAM) 2011 Vendor Shares report.
According to IDC, the IAM software market showed a significant economic recovery and, specifically in 2011, the market demonstrated a steady recovery. For the second consecutive year, RSA outpaced the competition, capturing an industry-leading 12,1% market share for the 2011 calendar year and 11,7% year-over-year growth, according to the IDC report.
Compliance requirements and the adoption of cloud computing drove much of the market activity, according to the IDC report, and RSA led the way, continuing to innovate and deliver authentication and cloud security solutions.
RSA unveiled several identity and access management solutions in 2011 which helped drive growth including the RSA Cloud Trust Authority which leverages RSA IAM technologies to help facilitate secure and compliant relationships and communications among organisations and cloud service providers.
RSA also released RSA Authentication Manager Express in 2011, a risk-based, on-demand authentication system for SMB and branch office customers as well software developer kits (SDKs) designed for mobile application developers to seamlessly integrate strong one-time password (OTP) or risk-based authentication into mobile applications without the need for a separate authentication device.
RSA captured the number one leadership position in the overall identity and access management market in 2011. RSA stayed steady with the identity and access management market, achieving an 11,7% year-over-year growth, while the overall market grew 11,6% in 2011.
All leading IAM vendors, including RSA, unveiled cloud-specific solutions in 2011, aimed at simplifying cloud adoption for customers while ensuring a high-security profile.
“The significant growth in the IAM market is a proof point to the strength of the security software market,” says Sally Hudson, research director for IDC’s Security Product and Services Group.
“Leading companies, like RSA, are achieving steady growth by continuing to introduce new and innovative products into the marketplace that help customers navigate evolving security challenges and compliance hurdles – especially those pertaining to access management and identity protection in cloud environments.”
“The adoption of cloud environments and the need to maintain regulatory compliance is changing the way organisations address identity and access management,” says Stephan le Roux, district manager of RSA.
“RSA is dedicated to providing services and solutions that will help our customers adapt to the changing IT landscape and regulatory environment, all while ensuring a high security profile. It’s this commitment to innovation and excellence that has allowed us to continue our leadership in this space.”