If you’re reading this, your PC definitely isn’t infected with the DNSChanger malware that’s thought to be preventing thousands of computers around the world from connecting to the Internet today.

That’s the word from Brett Myroff, CEO of NetXactics, responding to a query about the effect of the DNSChanger outage that is due to hit the world today.

He explains that, in April, about 350 000 computers were infected but – hopefully – many of those have been fixed in the meantime.

“We don’t yet have a way of telling how many computers will be affected by the FBI shutting down the DNS system,” he says. “After all, how would affected users tell us if they don’t have internet access?

“And, of course, it’s a very small proportion of the entire internet population. My guess is that some people will be inconvenienced by a loss in internet access, but over time they will get the problem fixed.”

The FBI today switched off the servers that were shielding users from the malware.