Panda Security has announced the release of Panda Cloud Office Protection Advanced, the first cloud-based endpoint security solution with protection for Microsoft Exchange Server. This new module is fully integrated into the product, resulting in simpler installation and shared updates for endpoints and Exchange servers.
The new Exchange Server protection scans all inbound and outbound e-mail regardless of the protocol used, and the solution’s new intelligent mailbox scanner optimises server resource usage.
Additionally, its anti-spam protection for Exchange Server blocks unwanted messages and allows administrators to manage corporate e-mail effectively with no interruption.

Panda Cloud Office Protection Advanced is the only software as a service (SaaS) endpoint security solution that includes device control technologies, designed to prevent the spread of malware through the improper use of external devices.
This feature enables organisations to improve productivity by enforcing policies to deny access, force read-only access, or grant total access on multiple device types (USB flash drives, digital cameras, DVDs and more).
The new version of software also includes Malware Freezer, a module that “freezes” detected malware for seven days by placing it in quarantine. This tool ensures system stability, restoring false positive files.

The main benefits of Panda Cloud Office Protection Advanced include:

Minimises maintenance costs and resource consumption. As this is a subscription service hosted in the cloud, it requires no investment in infrastructure or specialised personnel.
* Easy to use, easy to maintain. It monitors all endpoints and Exchange servers, including those in remote offices.
* Personal firewall (centrally or locally managed).
* Remote control tool integration and centralised monitoring of the security status of all PCs, servers and laptop computers.
* Automatic P2P updates, minimising bandwidth consumption.
With the launch of this new service, Panda Security reinforces its commitment to providing complete cloud-based solutions that deliver protection for the major infection vectors. This new technological model helps combat the growing threat of cyber-crime more effectively, reducing resource consumption and security management complexity.