Comztek, the African technology and communications distributor, is pleased to announce that the establishment and application of a management system at its Johannesburg head office and warehousing facilities, has once again been awarded ISO 9001 certification from PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC).
As per the 2012 ISO 9001 certification Comztek, has been recognised by the global consulting firm PWC as being able to provide internationally recognised and industry standards based services around the procurement, storage, distribution, installation and technical support of computer hardware and software, sold to resellers from Comztek’s head office and warehouse.
“In an industry where we are continually striving to improve the delivery of products and services to our customers, it is critical to ensure that your management systems are aligned to certifiable international standards that meet the highest grade,” states Paul Conradie, MD of Comztek.
“It is with this that we are extremely pleased to have meet with the stringent requirements of the ISO 9001 certification as it provides our customers with the peace of mind that they are dealing with a company that not only seeks to meet their demands, but that is also serious about doing business.”
The goal of the ISO 9001 certification is to ensure that a company strives to attain the highest levels of: organisational discipline; management commitment; management efficiency; and also acts as an independent assurance to authorities, customers or other stakeholders that this is indeed being met.
The Comztek certification issued by PWC is further qualified through the international recognition and/or acceptance of its certificates through the multilateral European Accreditation of Certification (EAC) agreement of which SANAS is a co-signatory, that the company has in place.
In short, the SANAS stamp of acceptance ensures that the Comztek ISO 9001 certification is also acknowledged and accepted in European countries.
“By once again meeting the stringent requirements of the ISO 9001 certification we are happy to be able to take comfort in the knowledge that our management practices are sound, and that we can qualify this fact to our customers and stakeholders.
“We believe that in our business of value-added distribution this certification is not a nice to have, but an absolutely must have, and will go a long way towards enhancing our reputation in the industry, ensure we are able to meet the certification needs and requirements of our vendors as well as demonstrate transparency in our business,” he concludes.