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EMC Corporation has announced a significant new release of EMC NetWorker Unified Backup and Recovery Software. NetWorker 8.0 advances the EMC vision for backup and recovery to support the data protection needs of IT environments today and in the future.
As enterprises transform their IT infrastructures to move to cloud computing models and deliver IT as a service, backup transformation is an essential foundational element. NetWorker has been equipped with a wide array of new features and capabilities that align to the requirements of these transformational IT initiatives.
With over 23 000 customers globally, EMC NetWorker has been a field-proven mainstay of the enterprise backup and recovery landscape for over 20 years.
Today, NetWorker has been enhanced with a streamlined architecture for dramatically improved performance and scalability. It also delivers the industry’s deepest integration with EMC Data Domain de-duplication storage systems and broadened support for Microsoft applications, as well as new multi-tenancy management which enables cloud service delivery.
New NetWorker developments include:
* An innovative new architecture that lowers server processing and delivers three times more scalability, enabling users to do more with existing resources.
* A “client direct” feature that enables NetWorker clients to backup directly from the application client to disk, improving performance by up to 50%.
* DD Boost integration with the NetWorker client that brings benefits to all backup workloads while enhancing Data Domain system performance. Benefits include lower network traffic, integrated management with clone-controlled replication, and automated configuration, monitoring and reporting capabilities.
* Microsoft data protection that is enhanced with new capabilities for SQL Server, including support for SQL Server 2012 and Granular Level Recovery for Exchange, SharePoint and Hyper-V.
* Multi-tenancy management that delivers logical zoning of data, devices and users in shared backup environments.
For a full list of NetWorker 8.0 features and enhancements, download the EMC NetWorker 8.0 data sheet.
Complementing these new NetWorker capabilities are services from EMC Global Services that optimise the performance, reliability and efficiency of the backup environment.
These include infrastructure assessments that provide recommendations for optimising and stabilising the current backup infrastructure, as well as EMC Health Check services that help improve the capacity, performance, and throughput of the environment. These offerings are part of EMC Global Services’ deep portfolio for backup and recovery, spanning the entire technology adoption lifecycle.