Blue Turtle Technologies (Blue Turtle) today announced a partnership with African Legend Indigo (AL Indigo) Nigeria to extend its presence in West Africa.

“The agreement sees Blue Turtle’s growing business in West Africa supported by a local knowledge base through AL Indigo Nigeria,” says Geoff van den Bosch, MD of Blue Turtle Technologies.

“AL Indigo Nigeria’s strong presence and track record in the region further entrenches our commitment to provide the optimum solutions and service delivery mechanism that is underpinned by in excess of 120 years of expertise as a software integrator and implementer.

“As a significant IT leader from enterprise application management, to mainframe, and experience across diverse markets from financial, telecommunications to utilities and manufacturing, the partnership will optimize capabilities based on best-of-breed technologies and sound services support.”

Siji Oduwusi, MD of AL Indigo Nigeria, adds: “The partnership became necessary in the region to further enhance our quality solutions and service delivery to our expanding customer base in the region.”