Nashua Mobile has introduced Credit Protector Insurance as a value-added service for cellular contract subscribers. The company has also introduced a new tablet insurance offering.
Offering peace of mind from as little as R5.50 a month, Credit Protector covers customers against paying telecommunications contract expenses in the event of death, permanent disability, temporary disability or retrenchment.
Credit Protector Insurance is available to Nashua Mobile customers that meet the following conditions:
* Have a cell phone contract with Nashua Mobile service provider;
* Are least 18 and not older than 63 years of age; and
* Agree to the terms and conditions of the policy.
Premiums are based on the individual’s subscription fee and will be included on the cell phone account. Premiums start at R5.50 (inclusive) for indemnity against contract expenses of R150 and go up to R60.00 for protection against contract expenses of R3 000.00.
In the event of temporary disability or retrenchment, the policy offers cover for monthly contract expenses up to a maximum of six months. In the event of death or total disability, it will cover the balance of the contract up to the maximum for the policyholder is insured.
With tablets rapidly becoming part of users’ everyday work and personal lives, it’s important to insure them against loss, theft or damage. For subscribers who take the Tablet Insurance, Nashua Mobile will pay for the replacement or repair cost with minimum fuss if the tablet is lost, stolen or broken.
Tablet Insurance Monthly Premiums are based on the replacement cost of the device and will be included in a cell phone account. Premiums start at R75.00 for up to R5 000.00 of cover, rising up to R165.00 for up to R12 000.00 of cover.