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@lantic, the consumer Internet service provider (ISP) within the Vox Telecom Group, has announced its second significant data price cut for 2012.
“This is our way of compensating for the recent increases in Telkom line prices,” says @lantic’s Dederick Venter. “Telkom is still the monopoly supplier of ADSL lines so we can’t do anything about that, but we can cut our data costs. South Africans are still paying far too much for Internet connectivity and we will continue to do everything in our power to bring prices down.”
A 1Mb line with uncapped data will now cost @lantic customers just R351 a month, down from the previous R589. For those who already have a line and only need uncapped data, the price has come down from R299 to R199 a month.
For business users, the price of the uncapped 1Mb ADSL offering has more than halved, from R1 779 to just R877 a month. There are also major price cuts on the 4Mb and 10Mb packages.
Users who need unshaped ADSL that will allow them to browse the Web, play online games, download stock prices and use Skype all at the same speed also benefit.
A 10Gb per month unshaped package has come down from R560 to R314 per month, with the top 100Gb package coming down from R3 100 to R2 594 a month.