Make the most of available bandwidth and turbo-charge voice over IP (VoIP) capabilities with the new ViBE-enabled Billion V7300NX router from Nology. This Wireless-N ADSL 2+ router combines 3G failover technology and an embedded ViBE client to deliver ultimate performance and reliability for VoIP applications.
“ViBE is a VPN protocol developed by Voipex in the UK, which delivers unprecedented performance in terms of voice multiplexing and data quality of service (QoS). Using ViBE VPN technology, users can achieve up to three times the number of VoIP calls on the same bandwidth, compared to a router without ViBE on the WAN connection.
“What this means is that more users can take advantage of the benefits of VoIP using their existing ADSL connection, opening this technology up to the small office or home office (SOHO) user,” says Ernst Ohlhoff, VoIP business unit manager at Nology.
The Billion V7300NX router has a built-in ADSL modem that complies with worldwide ADSL standards, supporting downstream rates of up to 24Mbps and upstream rates of 1Mbps. A built-in wireless access point allows for high-speed wireless connection for multiple devices at speeds up to 300Mbps. The USB port supports an external 3G USB modem (optional extra not included).
Combined with integrated 3G failover, which uses an external 3G USB modem to automatically establish an alternative Internet connection if the main ADSL connection is interrupted, these features ensure that users are always connected and secure at the best speeds possible to allow for maximum business continuity and productivity.
“Power failures, copper cable theft and interruptions to ADSL service are a reality in South Africa, and can cause disruptions to business. With 3G failover and automatic failback, which will connect back to the ADSL as soon as it becomes available, SOHO users can take advantage of maximum connectivity and minimum interruption.
“Add to this the built-in security, ease of setup and ViBE capabilities and the Billion V7300NX is the ultimate broadband router for the small business user,” Ohlhoff adds.
However, aside from affordability and a feature packed design, what truly sets the Billion V7300NX apart from its competitors is the embedded ViBE client. VoIP is rapidly replacing traditional analogue telephone installations, and offers a host of benefits including cost savings.
Previously, this technology was not available to the SOHO users because of the instability and lack of availability of bandwidth. ViBE allows for more VoIP calls to be placed over smaller and less expensive Internet links, making the infrastructure costs to deploy VoIP affordable to the small business market.
“In the past, in order to harness the power of ViBE, businesses would have needed separate routers for ADSL and for ViBE, which increased the complexity of an installation as well as the cost. The Billion V7300NX delivers an elegant, affordable solution that offers the benefits of ADSL, 3G and ViBE in one compact, versatile and affordable device,” Ohlhoff concludes.