Esquire Technologies, has signed a South African distribution deal to distribute the ICT and consumer product ranges for LG Electronics.Asgar Mahomed, MD of Esquire, says the distribution deal struck with LG Electronics is regarded is “extremely strategic”.

“We are increasingly looking to add Tier One products to our growing product range, such as the products from suppliers like Kingston and Asus. In this regard, we expect the LG range to be one of our key focal points going forward – and we believe that with the LG sales on products such as full range of LCD / LED monitors , projectors, and optical storage, will also have a material impact on Esquire’s revenue during the next 12 months.

“The LG brand is a highly respected consumer brand and recognised as an international giant that has proven over and over again to be attractive… and reliable – and offers the best features and great value for money to the consumer and that is the type of products that our resellers are looking for. We are extremely excited with this new announcement – and to take these products to our 12000 resellers across southern Africa.”

Mahomed says that part of the company’s new strategy would see Esquire direct LG sales through the Virtual Reseller Network (VRN).

He says the company has been rolling out the new VRN solution for less than six months and already the numbers are increasing daily. The long-term goal is to link the company’s more than 12 000 resellers to the virtual reseller network. “The VRN solution has effectively turned participating resellers into ‘multi-millionaires overnight’ as the resellers have virtual access to the entire Esquire stock holding, which is updated directly to the reseller’s web-site at regular intervals – often as frequently as every three minutes.