MTN has reaffirmed its commitment to small businesses by launching an official SME contact centre at Heron Place, Cape Town. The operational call centre is a state-of-the-art 50-seater facility, which currently boasts two teams and will continue to scale during 2012 and beyond – aligned with market demands.
“This is yet another significant step for MTN, a major ICT player, as this is not only the first call centre in Cape Town, but also the first around the country to focus solely on serving the ICT needs of our SME customers,” says Eddie Moyce, customer service executive at MTN South Africa.
“The launch of the SME contact centre is a response to a demand for specialised technical and client support by our SME customers. Earlier this year, we embarked on an extensive drive to recruit and up-skill suitably qualified technicians to be able to support the call centre effectively.”
There are an estimated 1,5-million SMEs in this country, representing 50% of South Africa’s GDP and roughly 60% of the workforce. As such, it is critical that more and more corporate businesses move towards a model and mindset of growing the SME sector and mobilising the small business community by providing cost effective and innovative solutions and support initiatives.
“Our approach to our SME base is strategic and we have taken the time to understand our SME customers’ needs and thus developed solutions to enhance their operations from an ICT perspective,” says Moyce.
“In line with this, we understand that as products become more complex and integrated, we have to put the necessary foundations and initiatives in place to adequately serve, enable and support them – of which this call centre is yet another milestone to do exactly that.”
MTN has been involved in numerous activations and initiatives that truly foster and encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship – with the sponsorship of South Africa’s first reality television show aimed to find the country’s top entrepreneurs earlier this year, being the most recent.
“We have made a substantial investment into the call centre and will continue to do so to ensure we are able to proactively support our SME customers who play a crucial role in the innovations that lead to technological change, productivity growth and economic viability,” concludes Moyce.