Online banking fraud is causing hundreds of millions in damages worldwide, and this number is on the rise. Awareness campaigns are rendering phishing attacks less successful, but cyber-criminals have already found ways to make up for this fact. Intelligent computer malware programs called banking Trojans are the online bank robbers’ recent weapon of choice.
Once they have stolen the access data, these Trojans can actively interfere with the payment process and divert legitimate transactions to other accounts undetected. However, when it comes to fending off current threats, anti-virus solutions don’t come close to protecting users effectively.
G Data has therefore introduced a product that protects against all known and unknown banking Trojans, also compatible with any security software, and provides a plug-in for the MS Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. Support for additional browsers is being developed.
“G Data’s BankGuard is a patent-pending new technology that offers effective and unique protection against banking Trojans, providing a near perfect detection rate,” explains Lutz Blaeser, MD of Intact Security.
“New banking Trojans are being developed all the time. G Data BankGuard protects bank customers from this malware in realtime. This technology is completely signature-independent and is fully integrated into the browser.
“Hence manipulations by banking Trojans are detected instantly and stopped automatically. G Data BankGuard is compatible with all anti-virus solutions on the market and is already an integral part of the current G Data security generation 2013.”
Manipulations by banking Trojans take place in specific files in the random access memory. G Data BankGuard automatically detects attempted infections and replaces the compromised memory area with a safe copy. Thanks to intelligent algorithms, the application does not depend on virus signatures and thus offers effective protection even against attacks from brand new Trojans.
“We all know about zero-day protection, but even zero-day protection is too slow,” says Blaeser. “Ideally, we should be looking for zero-hour protection. BankGuard is one of the many products in the G Data suite that provide that kind of close-to-immediate security.”
In addition to BankGuard and G Data’s all-round virus, spam and phishing protection, the company’s DoubleScan technology ensures the best virus detection rates and boasts state-of-the-art methods for detecting unknown viruses.
“Malicious code spreads as fast as possible. When a mail with a malicious attachment is sent around the world, the outbreak takes two to five minutes to spread. The infection rates increase exponentially as this occurs, and most security software vendors only provide an antidote hours later.
“G Data’s range ensures that any outbreaks are detected quickly and immediately blocked, proving its position at the leading edge of detection,” Blaeser concludes.
G Data’s full range of products is available through Syntech SA and published through Intact Security.