Fujitsu’s most-powerful workstation is at the heart of an ambitious project this weekend that demonstrates how it stands out from the crowd. With leading-edge speed and performance, the CELSIUS R920 workstation is fast enough for the first time to enable overnight completion of a ground-breaking project to knit together thousands of images into a seamless gigapixel image for fast-paced news media use.
Images will be shot by Getty Images photographer Henry Stuart at the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics, taking place in London during the evening of Friday 27 July, 2012.
They will then be processed overnight and stitched together into one gigantic image with a total resolution of 20 gigapixels – up to 12 times faster than previously possible.
By the following morning, attendees will be able to view the completed gigapixel image online from Getty Images – Official Photographic Agency to the International Olympic Committee. The image will include the identifiable faces of a crowd of more than 80 000 people.
The image is the latest gigapixel project where top-of-the-range computers are used to join together thousands of single still images into a single 360-degree panorama.
Fujitsu has provided the workstation, nicknamed Monster II for its extreme competing power. The ultra-high-end Fujitsu CELSIUS R920 workstation is around 20 times faster than a standard PC, yet still fits on a desktop.