Sasol enterprise development initiative, ChemCity, aims to help develop small to medium enterprises (SMEs) by assisting their creative, sustainable solutions to stimulate the South African economy.

Sasol ChemCity’s mandate is to facilitate the establishment of SMEs in the chemical, energy and related industries by identifying business propositions and entrepreneurs and assisting them in the development of their projects into viable businesses.

The supplier development focus area also offers SMEs support to increase the competitiveness of the Sasol supply chain, assist black-owned suppliers and create additional capacity in the local economy.

Since 2004, Sasol ChemCity has supported approximately 480 businesses resulting in more than 5 700 jobs.

“We believe that successful business incubation means providing support to new business people throughout the full enterprise value chain. One of the outcomes of what Sasol ChemCity does is job creation. This is prevalent in communities throughout South Africa by the way we assist in developing sustainable enterprises,” says Bridgitte Backman, MD of Sasol ChemCity.

One of the economic drivers that Sasol ChemCity has promoted has been in the alternative building technology (ABT) industry, where SMEs have addressed the need for housing and energy efficient buildings using these creative and sustainable technologies.

ABTs could potentially play an increasingly important role in solving today’s housing problems and create habitats for sustainable living. To ensure their effectiveness, innovation must be at the forefront of their implementation as a key catalyst.

“Entrepreneurs in South Africa are leading the way in innovation by providing sustainable development solutions. However, entrepreneurs are faced with challenges in accessing the market and we facilitate the development of the ABT industry to enable them to do so,” says Serenta Ramraj, specialist business analyst at Sasol ChemCity.