Leading IT distributor Syntech continues to expand its product offerings with the announcement that it is to distribute the j5 create range of peripherals from KaiJet Technology International.
j5 create offers a range of innovative peripherals – from the internationally patented USB-to-VGA graphics adapter to an all-in-one laptop brand compatible USB docking station and practical Wormhole sharing function – that act to simplify the life of the end-user.
Craig Nowitz, a director of Syntech, says the j5 create range focuses on bringing innovative concepts to the market, making the usage of computer peripherals much easier, while “at the same time providing the user with a simple and fun experience with a focus on being easy-to-use and efficient”.
Nowitz says the j5 create range is proving to be increasingly popular on the global ICT peripheral products landscape, with the various innovative peripherals designed to “improve the experience of working with computers”.