Altech ISIS’ successes in South Africa and across the continent are establishing the company as the go-to African telco support specialist. This is evident in its continued expansion up into Africa, with a constantly growing client base. Most recently, Altech ISIS embarked upon its first customer engagement in Mozambique for Telecommincaçốes de Moçambique (TDM).
TDM, Mozambique’s national fixed-line operator, offers ADSL Internet services for home and business customers, and remains primarily a landline network. However, the telco is embarking on a modernisation initiative that will see the implementation of next generation long term evolution (NGN LTE).
While Mozambique was the first African country to offer broadband wireless services through WiMax, NGN LTE is still in its infancy in the country.
“With all the excitement surrounding LTE, it is easy to overlook how the practicalities of migration will impact mobile operators. Migration to LTE needs to be approached holistically,” says Anton van Heerden, GM at Altech ISIS.
“In order to benefit from LTE’s promised efficiencies, operators must embark on a long-term mission to strip out legacy networks, systems, business processes and working practices. In parallel they need to implement new operational systems and processes to effectively manage the new architecture. This requires careful planning and strategic step-by-step implementation.”
In conjunction with Telkom, TDM’s first step was to appoint Altech ISIS in an advisory role for the implementation of its new billing system. With its extensive experience in this arena, with networks of all sizes as existing customers, Altech ISIS is perfectly positioned to provide the knowledge and expertise that TDM requires.
In order to pursue the NGN LTE implementation, TDM is replacing its current 15-year old billing system, Giraffe, with a new billing system called Gaia, provided by French company SOFRECOM.
Gaia will support and will enable TDM to provide GSM and mobile billing, which is essential to the NGN LTE rollout. Altech ISIS will be providing its skills to ensure that the new system is implemented properly, that best practice is followed, and that change management is done correctly. In addition, Altech ISIS will manage the process and ensure that the correct training is provided.
“We will be ensuring that the end customer, TDM, gets the functionality that it pays for in its new billing system,” says Van Heerden. “The increasing diversification of services on offer in the telecommunications industry leads to an exponential increase in the complexity of service management, and billing is one of the most important areas to be managed.
“We will be providing dedicated account and project managers, who have vast experience in telecommunications environments to ensure that TDM’s new billing system not only enables its NGN LTE implementation, but adds value to its overall business,” he concludes.