Kaseya South Africa, a leading provider of IT systems management software, has announced the further expansion of its local partner programme, following the appointment of Bytes Managed Solutions (MS) as a Kaseya value-added reseller (VAR).
“Bytes MS is a leading local provider of integrated, end-to-end solutions to large corporations in the financial, retail, hospitality, and adjacent markets, with a strong focus on managed services for product agnostic end-to-end equipment management,” explains Garth Hayward, regional manager for Kaseya Africa.
“Bytes MS also has existing partnerships with a number of other hardware and software vendors, which enables it to offer its clients a variety of integrated solutions. This makes the company an ideal addition to our partner programme.”
Bytes MS is the second of three managed service providers to be appointed as a local Kaseya VAR during the first phase of the company’s new programme.
“We are very excited about the roll-out of our partner programme as it gives us a greater ability to reach the local public and private sector through our new strategic VARs,” he explains.
According to Alan Anderson, business development director at Bytes MS, the partnership with Kaseya enables the company to offer enterprise-class IT systems management.
“This gives us the ability to offer improved IT availability and automation to manage and maintain systems and devices, while reducing systems downtime and improving the user experience for our corporate customers,” he explains.
“We evaluated various suppliers of managed services software to find a suitable partner that could offer our customers a solution that is fit for purpose, easy and fast to deploy in various environments, multi-tenanted, highly secure, flexible and scalable for our enterprise-size customers,” says Anderson.
In terms of Bytes MS’ business, Anderson explains that Kaseya will also help to develop and enhance the company’s offering, improve incident response times and will influence future product development.
“It will also help us to develop additional revenue streams and will complement our current solutions,” he continues.
Kaseya has appointed regional sales managers and pre-sales support staff to provide the support its partners require, in addition to the backing of the Kaseya global support team, when technical and after-sales support is required.
“With the backing of the Kaseya Global Support Centre we will be able to offer our VARs enhanced support, 24/7 to accelerate the issue resolution process or escalate matters to the correct department, quickly and easily,” continues Hayward.
All of Kaseya’s partners have attained Kaseya Certified Administrator (KCA) status, administered by Masoud Sadjadi, associate professor at Florida International University.
“This level of certification also gives preferred access to our international technical support team,” says Hayward.
“While the training and certification process was challenging, we feel that the quality of the certification programme ensures our staff have the highest level of competency to deliver and maintain this world class managed services solution for our clients.
“As such, we now have the flexibility to offer and support a hosted service or licensed solution that enables our clients to spend less time on mundane IT-related issues and respond quicker to critical matters. This serves as an efficient platform to maximise on IT personnel and allows for greater IT availability, which is imperative in today’s highly competitive marketplace.
“We view the Kaseya solution as a key enabler to support business in their availability drive and to maximise on their IT spends. We have seen a significant improvement in IT service performance in our client environments where the solutions have been deployed,” says Fourie van der Merwe, operations director at Bytes MS.
“We would like to officially welcome Bytes MS to the Kaseya partner programme, and we look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship in the rapidly growing local managed services industry,” concludes Hayward.