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With hundreds of new models of smartphones and tablets competing for consumer attention, company executives are fast realising the importance of developing new mobile strategies.
Mobile technology trends are among the most important drivers for strategy, executives need to understand how it will affect their organisations. This is according to local smartphone strategy specialist MobiCover CEO Clayton Hayward.
He says mobile strategy should be the highest priority on every CIOs list.
“Although most organisations recognise that they need a mobile strategy, they don’t always realise that it demands new approaches to strategy, application development, testing, security, management and funding. These strategies need to be innovative and will ultimately exploit payment, social networking and location-based advertising.”
The mobile industry is dynamic and exciting, especially with new apps and services emerging in areas such as mobile payment and social commerce. CIOs are facing new challenges as consumers demand more advanced mobile apps and Web sites, and trends such as “bring your own device”.
They need to explore the mobile business and technology trends that will influence corporate strategy and show how to turn complexity into opportunity.
Hayward says enterprise investment in mobile content and applications is going to increase significantly over the next few years and executives don’t always understand the technologies available to achieve new levels of innovation.
“It is critical that these executives understand where to invest and which vendors to back in developing their mobile strategy.”
Mobile devices have drastically shifted the online landscape to the point that the majority of all Internet access is being done via handhelds and other mobile devices, more and more mobile owners are using their devices to download social networking apps.
More importantly, employees are now being recognised as consumers and enterprises are fast developing and managing applications on a wider range of platforms than ever before. Organisations need to update their mobile strategies to move beyond simple apps and Internet on the handset. Second generation strategies will exploit mobile and cloud capabilities to drive innovative and disruptive opportunities.
“Mobile device management is becoming more complex, especially managing the plethora of diverse and insecure mobile devices spreading through the enterprise,” he adds.
Location-based shopping coupons using mobile devices are gaining popularity, a growing number of companies deliver coupons via mobile devices in an effort to appeal to consumers, many of whom would never think of clipping or carrying coupons. Consumerisation offers opportunities such as greater employee satisfaction and increased innovation.
Consumers are becoming more susceptible to sharing their whereabouts via mobile devices and they are also becoming more available to receive adverts and mobile coupons relevant to their location.
Mobile marketing presents a distinct and unique way to create interactive dialogues with customers, but it requires matching the creative to the device’s smaller screen size; designing messages that are short, instantly understood, effective; and creating a call to action with minimal steps.
“With over 15-million mobile Internet users in South Africa alone, it is evident that mobility will play a significant role in every organisation’s future strategy. Moreover, smartphone sales exceeded PC sales for the first time in 2011. This platform, coupled with the exponential increase in tablet sales, will see mobile becoming the new desktop,” he says.
“It’s obvious that all businesses need a mobile strategy, yet a number of brands are still dragging their feet. More than 90% of brands still don’t have a mobile optimised site. The opportunity is too big to ignore, your company is losing enormous revenues, your site has to work on mobile devices or your business will suffer,” he concludes.