Imagine an ideal world where your child receives her education at a school unaffected by the text book crisis schools in the Limpopo province recently faced. Imagine a world where a shortage of textbooks no longer is a factor, because children conformed to innovation in technology.

As with anything in life, education and schools are moving towards the high tech world of the 21st Century. Or perhaps they should if they’re not already, says Intel South Africa’s country manager Videsha Proothveerajh.

“The truth is that when a society embraces education through technology, the child’s future is immediately so much brighter. That child has been readied for a life on the right side of this barrier called the digital divide we are trying so desperately to close,” says Proothveerajh.

“I believe learners at all levels deserve the best chance they can get, when they get the best start to a successful career and life. Easy access to technology can do this. However, parents and schools often struggle to afford this seemingly luxury necessity,” she says. “So we set out to look at ways to overcome this obstacle.”

She adds that when you look at the popularity of the mobile phone in Africa, you start to notice a trend – these technology devises are mostly accessed via prepaid airtime while SMS or data bundles make it even more affordable.

“And that is how we want to continue to connect the next third billion of technology users. We at Intel pooled efforts with Vodacom, Samsung and Makro, and the educational bundle was born,” she says.

“Now parents or educational institutions such as schools and universities can buy a very attractive package at a retail outlet such as Makro. It comes loaded with free pre-installed education software, Britannica 2012 Encyclopedia, Professor Teaches Office 2012 and Windows 7, discounted broadband connectivity, Microsoft Home and Student bundle and free fun content and eBooks that can be accessed by Intel AppUp,” Proothveerajh says.

“As a champion of the Good/Better/Best model, we literally rendered our core business – powering devices – to the next logical step to provide our school learners and students with everything inside a device they need to further their education and be part of the online community.”