MWeb is to slash its 10Mbps uncapped unshaped ADSL pricing by a staggering R1 000 per month.

Derek Hershaw, CEO of MWeb ISP, comments: “Locally, 10Mbps uncapped ADSL is a premium product and by cutting the price of our offering by 50% we’re making it possible for more South Africans to move up the broadband value chain to top speed, uncapped Internet.

“Although most of our competitors have some form of throttling on their 10Mbps products, MWeb does not throttle, which means we can deliver the best possible Internet experience to subscribers on our network. At R999 per month, 10Mbps uncapped unthrottled ADSL gives South African Internet users exceptional value for money.”

MWeb’s 10Mbps uncapped product is ideal for, but not limited to, small office networks, downloading of large files and rich media, movies, online gaming, and VoIP calling.

In addition, MWeb has announced that its 1Mbps customers are now able to upgrade their uncapped ADSL data package to 2Mbps, doubling their Internet speeds for R170 more per month.