Virgin Mobile South Africa is reorganising, and hopes to improve both its customer experience and distribution footprint.

According to a statement issued today, the company recently became part of the larger ‘Virgin Mobile Middle East & Africa’ group (VMMEA).

“An important benefit of this change for Virgin Mobile in South Africa is a renewed focus on delivering a true Virgin customer experience at every customer touch point,” it states.

“The aim is to deliver an improved and differentiated customer experience by leveraging VMMEA best practice and investment in improved systems and processes across all aspects of Virgin Mobile South Africa’s operations.”

The initiative has already kicked off and is expected to conclude during the first half of 2013.

Virgin Mobile South Africa will initially reduce its store footprint to fewer stores in key locations in each region and then, over the next 18 months, roll out additional physical points of sale across South Africa that will manned by Virgin Mobile’s customer champs.

The company will convert eight key stores from sales focused franchise stores into full service stores the full range of products and services including sales, renewals, upgrades and customer service and advice.

It will also offer online sales and service through a new website and is exploring new, alternative sales channels that make sense for customers.

Virgin Mobile South Africa’s key store locations are Eastgate, Southgate, Key West, Cedar Square, Canal Walk, Pavillion, Galleria and Mall of the North.