Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, ahs announced that its eight models of S5700 series switches have won the IEC62368 certificate from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) – the first IEC62368 certificate awarded on communications products.
As the first company in the industry that wins this certificate, Huawei sets up an industry benchmark and, more importantly, demonstrates its core ideas of giving top priority to safety designs.
IEC62368 is a new, epoch-making safety standard. It was released by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in 2011.
In early 2012, UL and the Canadian Standards Association referenced this standard and officially launched a corresponding bi-national standard for US and Canadian markets, UL/CSA 62368-1. It is anticipated that in three to five years this new standard will replace the existing standards IEC60950 (IT equipment) and IEC60065 (audio/video equipment).
Winning the IEC62368 certificate demonstrates that Huawei S5700 series switches fully comply with international product safety standards and are trustworthy, highly safe products for customers.
Huawei incorporates safety and human-centred ideas throughout the development process of S5700 series switches. Huawei strictly follows safety standards from component selection and product design to product development, and conducts several rounds of testing on products in order to create a highly safe operating environment for customers.
To date, Huawei S5700 series switches have passed the testing from Miercom, an authoritative testing laboratory in North America, and won the “Carbon Footprint Verification” of the China Electronics Standardisation Institute. Huawei S5700 series switches are industry-leading, premium switches which feature prominent safety, energy conservation, and reliability.
“IEC62368 is a new, ground-breaking safety standard. Product safety is critical to all industries during their growth,” says Ovidiu Munteanu, UL’s global high-tech business development manager.
“Huawei S5700 series switches are the first communications products that win the IEC62368 certificate. With this certificate, Huawei becomes a forerunner in the communications industry in China and even the world and leads the safety design trends in the communications industry.”
“Huawei pays close attention to the latest safety technologies and explicitly requires strict compliance with safety standards throughout product design and production. Huawei advocates customer-centricity to ensure the safe usage and operations of products. Winning the IEC62368 certificate showcases Huawei’s advanced safety designs of switches,” says Wang Shihong, VP of Huawei’s Enterprise IP Product Line.