Losing a smartphone or tablet PC is annoying as well as dangerous; if the device falls into the wrong hands, strangers have access to sensitive and personal data like photos or the address book.
With MobileSecurity 2, G Data has launched a new and comprehensive security solution that offers users of Android devices perfect protection against mobile online threats and the consequences of a loss.
Theft protection makes it possible to locate and lock the smartphone; users can also delete their data remotely and disable use of different SIM cards. In addition, apps can be password protected so they can only be used once the password has been entered.
“G Data MobileSecurity 2 provides reliable protection against mobile malware as well as realtime protection when surfing the net on a smartphone or tablet PC. In addition, users can block annoying callers and SMS senders, and contacts and the corresponding calls and messages can be password protected.
“Those who use their device for personal use as well as for work can thus protect their business contacts separately,” explains Lutz Blaeser, MD of Intact Security.
G Data MobileSecurity 2 provides protection against dangerous apps, with an app check that verifies the authorisations of applications and categorises them, as well as protection against Android malware.
In addition, smartphone and tablet users can protect themselves from the fatal consequences of a loss or theft. Devices can be retrieved and stored data can be deleted from afar to protect it from third party access.
With this software, it is also possible to prevent the device from being used with a different SIM card and the user is informed of the change of card by SMS.