MWeb Business has extended its range of cloud computing offerings with the launch of a cost-effective, secure, legally-compliant e-mail archiving solution.

Designed for South African business of all sizes, the competitively-priced cloud-based e-mail archiving platform enables businesses with a valid MWeb Business Hosted Exchange mailbox to store every e-mail sent and received by the organisation in a highly secure, resilient archive.

The archive is literally bottomless, says MWeb Business GM Andre Joubert, every e-mail is kept for 10 years. In addition, subscribers are charged by the number of users – rather than the volume of data stored – which translates into predictable, and affordable storage, management and retrieval costs.

Joubert points out that e-mail archiving is no longer a ‘nice to have’.

“Compliance, discovery and knowledge management issues require businesses to keep every one of the hundreds of e-mails received and sent every day.

“However, few businesses have the wherewithal to keep storing the sheer volume of emails flowing through their email servers. The result is that emails that are regarded as non-essential are often deleted. That’s when ‘Murphy’s First Law of Cyber Correspondence’ kicks in: the non-essential e-mail you delete today will be the critical e-mail you need tomorrow,” he adds.

In an attempt to reduce the load on their servers, many businesses resort to compressing emails; but this can make it difficult to locate and decipher them at a later date.

MWeb Business’s Cloud-based Archiving service takes care of the great e-mail keep/delete, store/retrieve dilemma. It offers instant access to every e-mail sent or received in real time, without the need for technical support.

A critical aspect of the MWeb Business archiving solution, particularly from a compliance perspective, is that all stored messages are encrypted and tamper proof, providing evidential quality data for legal or regulatory purposes.

“Lost e-mails can be a thing of the past, while stolen notebooks and servers that crash do not have to be a crisis. With automatic e-mail archiving, you get peace of mind from as little as R35 per user, per month,” Joubert adds.