Leading IT distributor Syntech has announced that it is to continue expanding its product, this time with the announcement that it is to distribute the DataTale product line from Data Watch, the company specialising in external data storage management.
The DataTale product line is designed to serve consumers and businesses by providing user-friendly data storage management with professional security measures – and by fulfilling the needs of large data storage, backup and network capabilities.
The product line offers 2,5-inch, 3,5-inch, encryption – or shock-absorbent external data storage devices with the key universal interface – including USB 2.0, FireWire 400, FireWire 800, or eSATA.
The company is also expanding “device innovation” with USB 3.0.
Syntech, established in 2002, offers a wide range of product lines and has become recognised for its focus on professional storage and memory with high performance products such as Patriot, ATTO, OCZ, Sonnet, G-Technology and Rocstor. These products are specifically imported to service media rich environments including clients within the film and production, photography and architectural industries.