Samsung Electronics, the global leader in Android smartphones, has announced the local availability of the Premium Suite software upgrade for the GALAXY Note.
The Suite provides a richer “note taking” experience via S Note, My Story and S Memo Widget while a much faster and seamless user experience is possible thanks to the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) upgrade.
“Samsung puts customers first by providing differentiated value and as such; as much effort and resources that go into developing a new device has gone into the Premium Suite upgrade – a highly anticipated upgrade locally and one we truly feel will add a little extra GALAXY experience to our Note customers,” says Craige Fleischer, director of Mobile Communications at Samsung Electronics SA.
The Android 4.0, ICS update offers some notable improvements that allow for greater flexibility, improved communication and easier sharing:
* Advanced multitasking – holding the Home key lets users jump instantly from one task to another using the list in the System Bar. The list pops up to show thumbnail images of recently used apps. Tapping a thumbnail switches to the app. Swiping it removes it from the list and stops the app.
* Data usage monitor – this monitors and set limits to data usage with this new feature. Users will see which applications use the most data and get detailed information.
* Desktop browser experience – easily switch from a Web site’s mobile view to desktop view by pressing the menu and checking the desktop view box.
* Face unlock – this new screen-lock option lets users unlock their device just by looking at their phone. Once it’s set up, simply pick up the phone and look at the screen. When a face is recognised, the phone unlocks.
This firmware update brings many innovative features and takes the user experience to the next level by harnessing the real power of S Pen stylus that will improve Galaxy Note experience and productivity:
* S Memo upgrade – with the new S Memo Widget users have one-touch access to key S Memo features so users can capture ideas quickly and intuitively. This enhanced widget allows users to instantly select their desired S Memo input function directly from the home screen.
* S Note Preload – describe a life in detail, capture ideas and create different types of documents with the help of these new templates. These templates make it simple for users to record, organise and share thoughts and experiences into Ideas, Travel,  Magazine, Diary, Recipe and Meeting Notes, to name a few.
* Formula Match features math formula recognition and auto calculation. Write a formula or math equation and Note will convert it into an easy-to-read text version. Users can even look up different equations and answers via Looking for the answer? Press the search button.
* Shape Match provides automatic shape correction. Draw a rough sketch of a triangle and Note converts it to a clean, clear triangle. Colour in shapes using the S Pen tool.
* Handwriting-to-Text converts handwriting into clean, easy-to-read text. Users can quickly write down notes without worrying about whether or not others can read them – simply convert them notes to text and instantly share them.
* Knowledge Search takes handwritten words and questions and looks for the answers. Write a word or phrase and Note will look for it on the Internet via After users finish writing, simply press the search button.
Experience enhanced personal communication with S Pen’s expressive features, creative templates and a variety of multimedia tools. Share a personal story by writing a letter or card and creating multimedia albums users can send to anyone.
“Given the high demand for this upgrade, users may struggle to upgrade immediately through FOTA due to the high traffic volumes. We suggest GALAXY Note users favour the upgrade path via KIES PC client as this option is  easy, simple and done via the PC. KIES should be the preferred download method during this initial period of high demand,” concludes Fleischer.
The software upgrade is currently available via KIES PC client (by downloading the firmware via the KIES application). Similarly, the upgrade via FOTA (by downloading the firmware upgrade over the air directly from a mobile phone) will be available across all networks.