Telkom has issued a statement, that “the matter regarding the alleged leak of information from within ICASA, as reported in Business Day on 3 August 2012, is of grave concern to the company”.

Reportedly, the findings and recommendations of the CCC to ICASA on the matter between Neotel and Telkom have been leaked by an ICASA councillor to an industry body. Councillor William Stucke, whose prior affiliation with a sector of the industry is well known, is alleged to be the source of the leak, according to Telkom’s statement.

As a member of the industry regulated by ICASA, Telkom states that it is “dismayed by a possible violation of due process which will unavoidably jeopardise the trust and confidence of the industry in the regulatory processes.

“Furthermore, as a party directly affected, Telkom would be appalled by the breach, particularly if it was committed by an ICASA councillor, as alleged. Telkom is investigating the implications of possible damage that it may suffer from the alleged conduct relating to the leak of confidential internal information if found to be true.

“The company expects that any person found responsible for such despicable conduct will be dealt with severely. Telkom is of the view that an in-depth investigation is imperative to restore a sound relationship between ICASA and the industry that will undoubtedly be compromised should the alleged conduct be proved.

“The Business Day article also mentioned that ICASA has asked the State Security Agency to investigate the leak. Telkom is in favour of such action and will closely follow any developments on this matter,” the statement reads.