Service Parts Logistics (SPL), Africa’s largest parts management and supply firm, has been appointed by Lenovo as an authorised distributor for out-of-warranty (trade) spare parts in 38 countries in the Middle East and Africa region, including South Africa, Egypt, UAE, Morocco and Saudi Arabia.

“Lenovo is fully committed to the PC space for the long term. We will continue to drive growth and innovation in PCs while expanding our business across the four screens (PC, tablet, smartphone, smart TV) of devices and into the ecosystem of cloud, services and other applications that make up the PC+ market,” says Roger Mark, executive director, parts sales at Lenovo Global Services. “SPL’s experience as a specialised service parts company can make a significant positive impact. We look forward to a successful relationship with SPL.”

SPL’s MD Steve Cox comments: “We’re delighted to be working with Lenovo. It is a great brand and we are proud to be associated with the Lenovo team. We are confident that we can add a great deal of value to Lenovo business across the region, allowing more focus on growth and serving customers.”