Data centres have become increasingly large and increasingly complex over the years, making them somewhat cumbersome to manage. APW President, part of APC by Schneider Electric, has the solution.
A range of innovative new IT and networking enclosures for integrated data centre infrastructure management, including the IMPress server cabinet and cabling sidecar, the SmartRack and the Flexibox, are now available from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC).
“The APW range of integrated rack and value-add solutions offer great value solutions for businesses of all sizes, from small and medium businesses right through to large enterprise.
“The data centre is critical to the modern business, so having intelligent, innovative solutions for infrastructure and management are important for improving overall business productivity,” says Robert Brandt, UPS and infrastructure product specialist at DCC.
IMPress is a highly engineered and feature-rich enclosure solution ideal for data centres where high density cabling needs to be structured and managed effectively. Based on an “open frame” concept, IMPress provides unmatched all-round accessibility, making equipment installation and cable management a far simpler task than with conventional enclosure designs.
It also introduces the revolutionary IMPress cabling sidecar, an extensive cable management facility for orderly, safe routing and management of cable bunches.
The SmartRack is an innovative enclosure designed to meet the IT infrastructure needs of enterprise and mid-sized business users across all industries and verticals. A zero “U” PDU mounting feature allows for unobstructed access to the rear panels of rack mounted equipment, which eases maintenance and also improves airflow towards the rear door.
Mounting of all internal accessories requires no additional tools, and the racks are easy and fast to assemble onsite from flat-packed kits. Added functionality includes increased load bearing capacity, enhanced access control options, multi-vendor PDU installation capability and aesthetically pleasing looks.
Flexibox is a unique wall-mount cabinet ideal for LAN/WAN networking applications, with cable entry provision on both top and bottom panels for better cable management. It is shipped in as a completely-knocked-down (CKD) product packed in a box, thus making is easy to handle and store. The bolted construction offers flexibility of shipping in CKD or assembled condition, without any compromise on rigidity.
The CKD packaging also provides substantial benefits to customers, offering savings on storage and logistics costs during project execution.
“The APW President range from APC has a number of unique selling points. It ships in flat, small boxes and is easy to assemble on site, making transport of solutions a much easier task than shipping giant ready assembled towers.
“As a result the solutions are highly customisable, since self assembly also means that the user can decide which and how many components to order to suit their individual needs. This makes APW highly cost efficient since you can get exactly the solution you require, without any unnecessary add-ons,” Brandt adds.
“This range has a product for every size of organisation at a price that suits the budgets of businesses both large and small. The solutions compete with local brands on both a price and quality level and have the backing of the Schneider Electric name behind them. We are excited to be able to offer this in-depth turn-key product offering to the local market,” he concludes.
The APW President range of solutions is available immediately from DCC.