Bytes Managed Solutions, a division of the Bytes Technology Group, a principal subsidiary of JSE-listed Altron, has won two important corporate awards as a result of the quality of leadership and level of teamwork within the business.
The accolades include the award for Best Company in the Bytes Technology Group for 2012, and the Altron Chief Executive’s Award of Excellence for the Best Company in the Altron Group.
Bytes Managed Solutions markets, supports and maintains enterprise-wide information products and services for companies with have high-volume business transactions which includes the end-user computing managed services.
The company is the exclusive distributor in South Africa for NCR, which provides self-service solutions for the financial, retail and other markets requiring hardware, software and support solutions.
“We were awarded Best Company in Bytes for 2012 based on several factors,” says Deirdre Le Hanie, MD of Bytes Managed Solutions.
“These include achieving significant milestones in both revenue and operating profit growth for the year, the Award of Distinction for Excellence received from NCR Corporation, and the conclusion of deals within both the Retail and Financial sectors.
“These wins are significant because Bytes Technology Group is the largest IT company in Africa and for us to be singled out from among such an impressive stable of companies is a great accomplishment. Furthermore, being awarded the prestigious Altron Chief Executive’s Award of Excellence for the Best Company in the Altron Group was a great honour for the Bytes Managed Solutions team.
Le Hanie says Bytes Managed Solutions’ successes have been assessed in a holistic manner which has taken into account the achievement of key financial metrics, a sound balance sheet, strategic wins and operational excellence.
She notes that the awards are indicative of the leadership and culture of teamwork within Bytes Managed Solutions, as well as the successful empowerment of employees and of collaborative endeavours with employees and partners alike.
“For us the judges’ decisions have highlighted the true value of our achievements as a company,” she adds.
“None of these were by chance. Instead, we have been guided by a strategic intent attained through years of consistent focus, dedication, alignment and contribution from all employees. It’s a resounding acknowledgement which I believe has now created the platform that will propel our growth strategy into the future in a sustainable manner.”