Vox Telecom has announced that its Cloud Server Dashboard public cloud service has achieved VMware vCloud Powered status, a move that hosting manager Justin Elms says will allow the company’s customers to enjoy all the advantages of third party cloud services, while maintaining full control over their IT environments.
“Our cloud services are underpinned by VMware’s leading virtualisation and cloud tools, vSphere and vCloud Director,” says Elms. “Cloud Server Dashboard provides a set of cloud computing services across a common platform, supporting the largest set of existing applications and offering application mobility that only VMware can provide.
“Our customers can now use a simple Web interface to create and manage their own virtual machines in our environment. And because most enterprises have built their own virtualised data centres using the VMware platform and architecture, our resources are completely compatible with their existing infrastructure.
“It’s easy to move workloads from their VMware vSphere based environment to the Vox Telecom vCloud Powered platform and back again as they need, offering greater IT agility.”
Elms says this “infrastructure as a service” offering allows organisations to quickly and securely add new resources to their virtualised infrastructure, without incurring any capital or ongoing costs.
Many local companies have been reluctant to embrace virtualisation and cloud services because people fear losing the ability to manage their own environments.
“Now we can provide all the flexibility of cloud virtualisation, while at the same time giving customers peace of mind that they can manage things as they want. We sought VMware vCloud Powered validation to give our customers more agility and help them reduce their IT costs through server consolidation, task automation and simplified management,” concludes Elms.