A new interactive mapping Web site, FPD Compass, has been launched with the aim of providing consumers with an easily accessible way to locate all health-related services in their area.

Grant Shippey, CEO of Amorphous, the solutions focussed digital marketing agency, which designed the Foundation for Professional Development initiative, says all members of the public are able to access the new site.

“We believe this new site will provide an invaluable tool for those who currently struggle to find appropriate health facilities in their area. It is particularly useful for those who live in rural areas, as they will be directed to the closest and correct facility for their needs.”

He says the new site will provide the public with content that is useful and accessible, ensuring they are able to source the correct facilities.
“Many consumers who are in need of health related services visit the wrong facility and end up being turned away. Through using this site, consumers can make the right choice from the outset and nurses and doctors will also be able to address more issues instead of turning people away.”

mapIT provided an integrated digital mapping solution that includes both TomTom map data and deCarta LBS (location-based services) technologies. The new site benefits from a feature-rich platform enabling consumers to find directions to facilities online, as well as print directions.

Byron Moorgas, new media manager of mapIT, says the site was originally launched in 2010, to enable people to easily locate HIV testing facilities across South Africa.
“The site has provided an invaluable service thus far and we are proud to be part of the continuing evolvement of the Compass Project, to bring health services to the rest of South Africa.”

He says the user experience, also known as UX, was a real challenge, as the team needed to work backwards from the outcome to the process.
“We had to understand how a user would approach the site, for example, whether they would start searching for the area first or the service.”