China Telecom Global (CTG), the wholly-owned international business subsidiary of one of the world’s largest providers of integrated telecommunication services China Telecom Corporation Limited (CTCL), is now offering services from Teraco Data Environments.

Lex van Wyk, CEO of Teraco Data Environments, comments: “CTG’s decision to be part of Teraco’s data centre provides them with the opportunity of offering all its services to a large open market available in Teraco, and to link with other service providers and carriers in Africa.”

A vendor-neutral data centre is not owned or operated by a carrier or service provider. It does not provide any Telco or Internet specific services, this allows any entity to sell services to another entity without competing with the data centre where they co-locate.

Van Wyk says: “As the international business subsidiary of CTCL, the largest fixed line service and third largest mobile telecommunications provider in China, China Telecom’s presence in the data centre opens up exciting business opportunities for the existing Teraco community.

“Our clients now have the opportunity to connect freely with service providers and carriers in Asia, providing local businesses direct access to a whole new market of consumers. Further to this, the availability of additional routes builds resilience in the networks available at Teraco.”

Xiaofeng Deng, CEO of CTG, adds: “Our partnership with Teraco helps to further strengthen our gateway position for connecting the MEA (Middle East and Africa) region and Asia. Teraco is an international grade data centre and the most connected facility in Africa.

“The benefits of being in Teraco means CTG has access to: all submarine cable systems, significant networks as well as national and international carriers in Africa. With the numerous clients housed in the data centre, we will be able to provide even more cost-effective, diversified and resilient connectivity services to our customers in Africa and beyond.”