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Advanced process technology, Rubi-Flow, from FlowCentric Technologies, a leading local provider of agile, robust, and easily-integrated business process management solutions is being used to automate and power the business process components of Guideline BizTech’s enterprise business management tool, RUBiQ – a service solution selected for Pamoja’s cloud services offering for Africa.

Pamoja, the cloud services business unit of Seacom and provider of wholesale Cloud computing services, launched in March this year. The company’s cloud services will be provided via its network of data centres, located directly on the Seacom submarine infrastructure.

The first cloud platform is running in the Mtunzini cable landing station near Richards Bay. Guideline BizTech’s RUBiQ is one of the strategic solutions selected as part of Pomoja’s cloud services platform.

“This is a big deal for us. Our selection as the strategic partner to BizTech in extending RUBiQ as a fully automated and integrated, cloud-ready solution on the Pamoja platform is testimony to the agility and power of FlowCentric Processware to close the gap between business systems and drive efficiencies for faster and higher return on investment,” says Albie Bester, MD at Pamoja.

“Pamoja is set to revolutionise the way in which small and medium sized companies access and use IT technologies and services. The cloud is the way forward and we are very proud to be working with BizTech Guideline to bring the advanced capabilities of RUBiQ, a true software as a service, model within the reach of smaller businesses. Our business model is to build a cloud services market place for SME business.

“We offer solutions via strategically selected ISP’s to the business community. In RubiQ we have found a product that fits perfectly with our philosophy of Best-of-Breed. We believe that the solution will offer business users unparalleled control over their businesses and accelerate the efforts of any organisation to comply with ISO 9001 standards,” he adds.

Nicky Downing CEO of Guideline BizTech says: “RUBiQ is a comprehensive, turnkey enterprise business management solution for ensuring compliance and enabling best practice. It is the only/one of only a handful of business management and compliance tools which is Web-based and cloud-ready to be delivered via the Pamoja marketplace.

“With the FlowCentric workflow engine, we have been able to automate static, documented procedures and critical business processes, allowing for rapid deployment in small and medium sized businesses so that they can optimise efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness, as well as comply with the ISO 9011: 2008 Standard.

“The depth of expertise and capability within FlowCentric’s team is immense and we look forward to working with them into the future.”

Robust, refined RUBiQ
RUBiQ is built on the foundation of ISO 9001:2008, the world’s standard on best practice for quality in business management. It comprises 22 individual components (modules) covering a vast array of business management functionality, and can be used by employees at every level of an organisation who need to know, understand and effectively apply, company policy and procedures to ensure compliance.

The technology has been pre-loaded with all the content required for a business to achieve compliance with the ISO 9001 standard and drive best practice to business management at every level. The system is Web-based and easily accessible through any Internet connection.

Workflow is automated through RUBi-Flow. All Rubi-Flow processes can be integrated with any current business system. These processes have a unique Microsoft plug-in to assist companies in easily implementing processes and tasks for employees on a day-to-day basis.

“Looking and working along similar lines as the email client that people work on every day, Rubi-Flow sends relevant workflow steps to employees to Outlook. Employees carry-out the process workflow step within the e-mail, ensuring seamless and efficient execution of critical tasks, production realisation processes, and other quality management or business processes,” explains Downing.

According to Downing, the company has received an excellent uptake and response to the solution since it was launched in January this year.

“We are already working with 30 companies and now, as part of the Pamoja marketplace, we expect around 300 companies to be on the system by the middle of the year.”

For FlowCentric, the success of RUBiQ means good things too.

“We’ve embraced a model that enables our strategic partners, like Guideline BizTech, to use our IP to develop solutions that enhance the functionality of vendor systems. Through this approach, several new solutions have been made available to compliment Microsoft, Accpacc, Softline products.
“Now there’s Rubi-Flow helping to power RUBiQ, which is now part of Africa’s first cloud services marketplace. We consider this kudos,” concludes Jacques Wessels the CEO at FlowCentric.