Bytes Systems Integration has become the first NetApp partner in South Africa, and only the third on the continent, to be awarded NetApp’s prestigious Star Partner status. 

Bytes was elevated to Star Partner status in June, after meeting the programme requirements and attaining the outstanding revenues necessary to be considered for such a promotion.

Mike Broderick, divisional director at Bytes Systems Integration, says that Star Partner is the highest NetApp partner status it is possible to attain. It is dependant both on the number and level of certifications an organisation has, as well as the revenue it generates.

“To be elevated to Star Partner status, you need to have NetApp bookings in excess of a certain amount, as well as comprehensive sales and professional service offerings covering NetApp solutions,” says Broderick, adding that Star Partners must also demonstrate the highest level of commitment to NetApp.

A critical benefit of the move to Star Partner, he explains, is that Bytes will now be offered higher rebates by NetApp, which in turn will allow the organisation to be even more competitive in the market.

“Moreover, it highlights our skills and experience, most notably in our understanding of the data centre and its importance to business. NetApp has a number of global agreements with international financial services enterprises, and it is obvious that the data centre is the absolute heart of such a business. Therefore, we want to leverage our Star Partner status to assist these entities as they move into the African market.”

“Bytes already has a mandate to aggressively grow its African business this year, with plans to extend far beyond the current nine African nations it operates in. Being able to highlight our Star Partner status across the continent will vastly improve our credibility and really help to drive our business forward in these markets,” he says.

Broderick points out that Bytes has been a NetApp partner of some description for many years, and has long led the charge with its solutions. He says that the company has a very strong relationship with NetApp and in terms of its experience in the marketplace, Bytes is in fact the longest standing and largest NetApp partner in South Africa.

“Bytes is proud of the strength and depth of our organisation, which has led directly to achieving Star Partner status. We are fully committed to our relationship with NetApp and look forward to a bright future of continuous innovation and growth,” concludes Broderick.