In response to the increasing demand for agile, self-provisioned services, Internet Solutions (IS) has introduced an offering that is dedicated to the needs of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).
Known as IS Ignite, the offering packages access to the power of the IS backbone in such a way that entrepreneurs can manage their own Internet-based needs.

“By nature, entrepreneurs are extremely hands-on and like to be autonomous,” says IS MD, Saki Missaikos.
“Also, they tend to be technology savvy and have a clear understanding of just how effectively the Internet can help them create organisational advantages and, therefore, shape the direction of their businesses.

“Accordingly, we’ve designed IS Ignite as a largely self-service offering. Our years of experience with all kinds of businesses have enabled us to create a shopping list of pre-integrated, mutually enhancing products and services from which SMEs can select the components of connectivity, communication, and cloud that are most relevant to themselves.

“The strength and credibility of the parent IS brand assures SMEs that they’re accessing the Internet capabilities that power Africa’s most substantial corporations. At the same time, the fact that IS Ignite is a business unit in its own right, dedicated to the SME sector, assures entrepreneurs that this power has been tailored to their needs.”

Further, IS Ignite has been designed to enhance Internet Solutions’ recently revamped channel partner programme, providing its valued network of partners the opportunity to grow their (and their clients’) businesses through the partner portal.

SMEs that feel their energy is better spent focusing on core competencies can remain secure in the knowledge that their IT partners will have full access to IS Ignite’s key SME offerings.
The initial IS Ignite offerings include broadband connectivity, cloud products, and Telkom ADSL service.