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Cybervine IT solutions, a business technology solutions provider and recipient of the Riverbed Technology New Partner of the Year 2012 Award in South Africa, continues to invest in its partnership with Riverbed. 
Cybervine is based in Cape Town, with a testing lab and office in Johannesburg.

Grant Vine, technical director at Cybervine, says the company became a Riverbed partner in August last year, and moved from Silver to Gold status within only three months. Eight months later, Cybervine was recognised as New Partner of the Year 2012 in South Africa by Riverbed.

Vine believes the award recognises his team’s enthusiasm in expanding its Riverbed qualifications, as well as the large deals it has secured for Riverbed. It’s a technology he feels strongly about.

“When we first sat down and looked at Riverbed, we were quite blown away. The product range, support and capabilities of its products are light years ahead of those we had been using. It holds a significant market share on its WAN optimisation product alone. We sold ourselves on the product,” he says.

Vine says, Cybervine partners only with market leaders, and he sees Riverbed as a prime example.

“It’s impressive when you look at the background, culture, and the broad portfolio of performance solution and their capabilities offered by Riverbed, as well as the people behind the products. They are very powerful in terms of the brains behind the solutions and their acquisitions. With Riverbed, you are in a safe pair of hands and have the backing of a top vendor,” he says.

Vine adds that Riverbed Steelhead WAN optimisation solutions practically sell themselves.

“Riverbed has one of those products where the risk of putting down a demo kit is that you may never get it back. We’ll deploy a demo device for testing for a month, and we struggle to get it back because it works too well,” he says.

Cybervine is expanding its focus on Riverbed solutions, in particular, Riverbed Cloud WAN optimisation and Whitewater Cloud Storage, as the company grows its market share.

Vine says Cybervine, which is now four years old, is seeing encouraging growth. He attributes this in part to its partnerships, as well as to the company’s heavy investment in its testing lab. Here, the team is encouraged to indulge their passion for architecting new solutions in a highly advanced test environment.

He says: “Everything we do, we have built ourselves in a test environment first. We design our own architectures, with best practices applied to how we build our environments.”

“With this award, we applaud Cybervine’s performance and achievements as a Riverbed partner in 2012,” says Christo Briedenhann, country manager for Africa at Riverbed.
“Riverbed continues to enjoy a successful partnership with Cybervine to help South African organisations achieve their goals of improved performance and service quality, whilst controlling costs.”