Seeking a quick and cost effective approach to its need for integrated sales analytics applications, Quality Sugars, the largest sugar producer in SouthAfrica, approached BusinessIntelligent to address this need.

BusinessIntelligent, a leading provider of business intelligence and application development solutions in South Africa, responded to Quality Sugars’ plea by illustrating the effectiveness of QlikView BI technology.

A partner to BusinessIntelligent, QlikView is the fastest growing business intelligence vendor globally and in South Africa and the company ensures that new ideas and technologies facilitate the client’s improvement by consolidating reporting data. The latter function particularly appealed to Quality Sugars, with QlikView further supporting the company’s mandate for a quick and cost effective application of services.

In particular need for an application assisting in an integrated approach to its Sales Analysis, Quality Sugars set out to investigate the feasibility and capability of an in-memory business analysis and reporting solution – which was perfectly matched by the benefits and functionality of QlikView.

Says Wilko Smit, National Sales and Trade marketing manager of Quality Sugars: “As a big company handling large volumes of data, it was very important to the organisation to apply business intelligence solutions which would assist and benefit Quality Sugars’ goal of streamlining its processes in order to further extend our scope, growth and success.

“Apart from all its benefits, a major selling point of QlikView is that it is web based, which made it an attractive solution for our salespeople who operate in the field.”

According to Nicholas Bell, CEO at BusinessIntelligent, more and more companies are recognising business intelligent solutions as a crucial means to improve business insight and decision making processes.

“For Quality Sugars, a company that is meticulous about outcomes and accurate results, QlikView was a natural partner as it illustrated that it is really in-tune with the organisation’s environment – we are thrilled to report on another happy, and more effective, customer.”