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Listed technology group EOH once again scooped three top awards at a gala awards evening held in Cape Town recently. The SAP Partner Awards recognise partners who have achieved excellence in planning and executing SAP projects and programs and more importantly, delivering significant benefits to their clients.
With exceptional performance across all areas and scooping up three of the top 10 awards, EOH was recognised by software giant SAP as one of its leading partners. EOH was awarded Technology Partner of the Year, best partner in VAR Mobility and best partner in VAR Technology and Database.

SAP Partner Awards are presented annually to the top performing SAP partners that have excelled in developing and growing their partnership with SAP, delivering exceptional performance across diverse industries and solutions to customers.

EOH SAP Services MD Ebrahim Laher says this is the second year in a row that EOH SAP Services has won three awards.
“We were nominated six times in the ten key categories and we won three awards. Our team deserves praise for their commitment in providing superior customer solutions using the SAP platform.”

Laher says the theme of SAP’s Partner Summit centred on mobility, HANA and cloud offerings from SAP.
“EOH is investing significantly into mobility and technology to align itself with future business problems encountered by its customers. The mobility and technology partner of the year awards attest to our successes on SAP’s Mobility and HANA products.”

SAP partners play a critical role in helping organisations of all sizes identify, source and implement the ideal solution to address their unique business needs.

Whether business process, business analytics, the latest mobile solutions, or the latest technology innovations, SAP Partners deliver the exceptional value, purchasing choice, consultation and implementation services, local industry expertise, solutions, and quality you demand – to be a best run business.

“The SAP Partner awards showcase SAP’s commitment to our open and unmatched ecosystem of partners, which delivers game-changing value to customers and makes SAP even stronger and more relevant,” says Eric Duffaut, president, Global Ecosystem and Channels, SAP.

“We applaud this year’s winners for their remarkable achievement and partnership. The power of the SAP ecosystem stretches across the globe, fuelling innovation and choice for customers of all sizes across the industries. Together with our partners, we are reimagining what is possible and enabling our customers to run better like never before,” explains Duffaut.

EOH has a long-standing relationship with SAP and has more than 400 practitioners focused on SAP solutions. The company has developed numerous industry, business solutions and accelerators on the SAP platform. It has one of the broadest offerings of services on the African continent for SAP solutions, including design, build, run and operate services.

Laher says EOH is dedicated to helping its customers become a best-run business, capable of thriving regardless of the market conditions at any particular point in time.

“Through our eco-system, we can truly support our client’s business strategies. As they develop plans to enable their success in the new reality, we provide clear answers to their strategic questions.”

“Together, we will develop a plan to build strategic value; identify strategic opportunities for value; and develop initiatives to get you where you want to go – as quickly as possible. Our close partnership with SAP enables us to turn your vision into reality, enabling successful transformation through innovation and operational efficiency, enhancing your investment and maximising success,” he adds.

EOH bridges the gap between strategy and execution by aligning ICT strategy with business strategy, through a comprehensive portfolio of services to unlock the business benefits that software provides.

“Effective transformation occurs through clear understanding of your business processes, people and technology; and aligning these to your overall strategy. We offer business-issue specific service programme innovations and comprehensive best-practice services that span all phases of the solution life cycle,” Laher concludes.